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You slipped, fell and were injured: Can you pursue a legal remedy?

It can be funny seeing an actor in a movie comedy going airborne after slipping on a banana peel.

It’s not so funny in real life.

In fact, an occurrence like that – or any other kind of slip-and-fall incident – can reap serious and even devastating consequences for an injury victim.

Is that person without legal recourse in the wake of an accident, or can he or she pursue a meaningful legal remedy that addresses accountability and damages suffered?

The short answer to that is this: Proving relevant facts is centrally important in any slip/fall claim.

The premises liability realm: key points to note 

Premises liability, notes an in-depth overview on that topic, “is a legal theory stating that property owners are liable for accidents and injuries that occur on their property.”

That simply makes sense, right? Residents in the Charlotte metro area and surrounding locales routinely spend time on property owned by others. They shop in stores, dine out at restaurants, go to theaters and attend sporting events. Their activities bring them to schools, office buildings, hospitals, neighbors’ homes and many other venues.

The owners and managers of such properties have a legal duty to act reasonably in keeping their controlled premises safe for the use of others.

This brief caveat is necessarily inserted here: There may be a limitation on that duty relevant to certain instances, which can be discussed with a proven personal injury legal team. The above-cited overview stresses that, “Liability depends on the laws and procedures of each respective state.”

Premises liability law governing a slip-fall accident or other type of injury requires an injury victim seeking to file a legal claim for damages to establish certain fundamental facts. Those facts must centrally demonstrate the following:

  • Property owner or manager acted negligently
  • That individual owed a duty of care to the injured party (e.g., to remove ice from a sidewalk, provide adequate security, fix a rotted-out stairway or leash a dangerous dog)
  • The spotlighted lapse in care directly contributed to the injury suffered by a claimant
  • The injury proved damaging for a victim physically, financially and/or emotionally

Premises liability injury victims can take purposeful action

Injury victims harmed in a slip-and-fall incident or other premises liability matter tied to third-party negligence are far from powerless. Many individuals are empowered by securing timely and knowledgeable legal representation aimed at securing maximum compensation. A remedy can be applied toward medical bills, lost wages, future therapy, pain and suffering and other costs.

Property ownership comes with both privileges and responsibilities. Keeping a property reasonably safe is a common-sense duty imposed on all owners and managers.

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