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Upgrades to intersection should prevent fatal car accidents

Every day in North Carolina, people lose their lives in motor vehicle crashes. Law enforcement and traffic safety officials are meant to look at data and determine ways to reduce the number of fatal car accidents. However, residents living near one deadly intersection say that planned safety changes may be too little too late.

Saving lives should be the priority

Authorities decided to add more stop signs to an intersection that has been the site of at least 22 crashes. In only the last six months, there were two fatal collisions that residents say should never have happened. Right now, the intersection in question, which is comprised of a state highway and a local road, is only a two-way stop. The update would make it into a four-way stop with warning signals for oncoming traffic in two directions. Officials believe these efforts may reduce serious collisions by 70%.

At least one area resident is not satisfied with this solution. He lost his wife last month to a fatal crash when she attempted to turn left from the highway onto the local road. Another vehicle behind her allegedly tried to pass her illegally on the left and ended up T-boning her vehicle. Her husband believes that a stop light should be installed instead. He and their daughter are still reeling with her loss.

Who may be at fault?

In the case of fatal car accidents, normally a driver is the one at fault. However, there are instances where other parties could be held legally responsible as well. North Carolina families with questions on this matter may find answers with an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney can make certain that all options for legal recourse are considered.

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