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North Carolina third for rural fatal motor vehicle accidents

When people think about car accidents, they may picture a busy city, teeming with traffic. Urban centers certainly see a great number of vehicle collisions, though that isn’t the whole story. Car crashes can happen anywhere, including rural areas.

A recent study found that North Carolina has the third-highest rate in the country for fatalities on rural roads. Residents and law enforcement alike say they aren’t shocked, but that the number concerns them nonetheless. Fortunately, law enforcement says they have plans to improve safety in the most dangerous areas and stop motor vehicle accidents.

Potential danger

The study, conducted by a national transportation research group, released its findings just last year. They found that in 2017, 813 people died in crashes that occurred in rural areas. State law enforcement says they believe that two of the most dangerous counties in the state are Henderson and Buncombe. Both had the highest number of fatal crashes three years in a row from 2016 to 2018.

Residents say they aren’t surprised by the study results. They believe that people driving at a high rate of speed may be to blame. One resident says that he rarely sees people drive the speed limit where he lives. He claims that though the limit is set at 40 mph, people frequently drive 60 mph.

Safety leaders have solutions

One of the deadliest roads, according to state law enforcement is Kanuga Road in Henderson County. Troopers report people driving distracted, intoxicated, and even recklessly. After officers increased their patrol of that specific roadway, they say that traffic fatalities went down dramatically.

In addition to increased police presence, the North Carolina Department of Transportation announced its intention to widen the road. This is something residents want, and they say that a further increase of police patrol could help as well. Though troopers are willing, they emphasize that drivers can stop accidents before they happen by driving safely. That means avoiding distractions, driving sober and obeying posted speed limits.

What to do if you need help

If you or a loved one has been hurt in any kind of motor vehicle accident, whether it happened in an urban or rural area, you have ways to pursue legal recourse. No one should ever have to suffer because of another driver’s carelessness. A skilled personal injury attorney can answer any questions you may have regarding your options.

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