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North Carolina one of the deadliest for sharing roads in the US

There’s inherent danger when you’re driving on the road with others, but some places across the country are more treacherous than others. The most populated states lead the way, but you may not be much safer driving in North Carolina.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) recently released data collected for traffic fatalities from 2018, and it shows that North Carolina has the fifth-most fatalities in the nation. States like Texas, California and Florida lead the way, but they also have over twice the population size of the Tar Heel State.

Residing near urban areas can also lead to an increased chance of fatal accidents, according to the NHTSA. Deaths in rural areas are on the decline, but many types of urban accidents involving vehicles are on the rise. There’s been a 21% jump in fatalities over the last ten years, but sharing the road in other ways can be even more dangerous. Bicyclist fatalities in urban areas have increased by 48% since 2009, and pedestrian fatalities have skyrocketed 69% over that same period.

Not all traffic accidents result in fatalities, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t without cost. Hundreds of thousands more people across North Carolina suffer from injuries that stem from car wrecks, and that can mean mounting bills, time away from work and rehabilitation efforts. While an accident can leave you reeling, you may not have to face the price tag alone.

If you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident where the courts could see the other driver as negligent, you might be able to pave a way to repayment. Make sure you take the proper stepsafter you’re involved in an accident, and you could have an easier time supporting your case.

You can’t always take the dangers out of driving, but you could hold those at fault for an accident responsible.

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