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Mistakes to avoid after a vehicle collision

A motor vehicle accident can quickly become a frustrating and confusing time. Even a minor collision can leave a driver flustered and disoriented. Even though it might be difficult to concentrate in the moments after a crash, drivers are encouraged to remember several factors that must be avoided in order to prevent future complications.

Here are six mistakes to avoid after a motor vehicle collision:

  • Don’t forget to gather evidence:In the weeks and months following the collision, you will be asked to recount numerous facts about road conditions, weather conditions and your surroundings. It is crucial that you take notes and snap photographs whenever possible. This includes damage to the vehicle(s) and any injuries that were sustained. Also make note of the other driver’s information and the contact information of any witnesses.
  • Do not leave the scene of the accident:If you leave the scene of the accident – even a minor collision – you might hurt your chances to be compensated by the insurance carriers.
  • Do not forget to call your insurance carrier and the police:Contacting both entities starts the proverbial ball rolling after a vehicle collision. The police will complete and file an accident report while your insurance company will open a file for your claim.
  • Do not admit fault:While you might feel at fault and it is in your nature to apologize, do not admit fault after a collision. You should only report the facts – with no embellishments – to both the police and the insurance company. You should contact an attorney to discuss fault and your claim.
  • Do not post on social media:While it might be your natural inclination to post about such a terrible event, doing so can ultimately cause complications. You can call your friends and family to tell them what happened, but it’s wise to stay silent about the event on social networks.
  • Don’t forget to seek medical treatment:Even if you don’t feel anything wrong after an accident, it is crucial that you have a doctor carefully examine you. Muscle sprains and neurological trauma might not show up for hours or days after the wreck and it is wise to have a professional’s opinion on your side.

Vehicle collisions can be traumatic, confusing events. By remembering these tips, you can file a comprehensive claim and answer any questions asked of you by law enforcement. Seek legal guidance from an experienced lawyer to ensure a smooth insurance claim process.

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