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Insurance hikes, other consequences possible if teens face DUI

It is no secret that teens in North Carolina and across the country do not always make the best decisions. Unfortunately, those decisions could land them in serious trouble with law enforcement and have consequences that affect them for years to come, if not their entire lives. In particular, a teen who faces a charge for DUI could face troubling outcomes if convicted.

While many teen drivers may not think about insurance much because their parents typically pay for it, they may start thinking about it more if they face a DUI conviction. Reports indicate that if a 16-year-old is convicted of drunk driving, it is likely that their car insurance premiums will increase almost 50%, which could lead to approximately $4,000 in additional costs. Insuring 16-year-old drivers is already costly because they are high-risk drivers, and adding a DUI to the mix only makes them more risky to insure.

Additional information to keep in mind relating to teen DUI convictions and insurance include the following:

  • North Carolina is one of the worst states for underage drinking and driving.
  • Insurance premiums see a higher increase after a DUI the younger the driver is.
  • Despite higher premiums, the percentage of increase is lower for teen drivers than older drivers.

Of course, a teen facing a DUI charge may have more issues to consider than just insurance premium increases. A conviction for this type of crime could affect many future opportunities, including those relating to college scholarships or jobs. As a result, the parents of North Carolina teens facing this type of predicament will undoubtedly want to ensure that they understand the available defense options for their children in hopes of avoiding conviction.


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