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Charlotte area crime rates down for 2021

Good news for the residents of the Queen City. According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, crimes rates declined overall in 2021. Here are some figures posted in the CMPD’s end-of-year crime report for last year.

Where crime rates dropped

On the whole, crime rates dropped 5% last year, compared to 2020. Several categories saw declines in their numbers, including violent crimes and property crimes. Respectively, their rates dropped 18% and 4%. The CMPD also stated that they had made fewer arrests throughout the year, down 4% from the previous year’s numbers.

Where crime rates increased

However, as promising is that is, unfortunately, not all categories showed declines. A few areas of crime actually increased, including rape and sexual assault as well as vehicle break-ins and thefts. The increases ranged from 4 to 22% across those categories. Optimistically, the report added the CMPD was successful in its attempts to keep guns off the streets, with an increase of 33% in seized firearms as compared to 2021 (nearly 3,000 total).

Credit for successes

The CMPD credits several factors with the measured success reported. Equipment and technology has been upgraded, along with consolidating departments and creating special crime units. Moreover, community outreach programs like Crime Stoppers and the Gun Safety Campaign have helped.

Still, although the number of arrests saw a reduction in 2021, that does not mean none took place at all. Anyone arrested for any charge is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in court. As such, those accused of a crime in North Carolina will want to work directly with an experienced criminal defense attorney to increase their chances of obtaining the most favorable outcome possible.

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